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Our services 

new air conditioning & heating equipment sales & installation

straight cool air conditioning systems with strip heating

heat pump air conditioning & heating systems

water sourced heat pump systems (common in celebration, fl) 

package units

furnace units (gas & electric) 

roof top units

ductless mini splits

Diagnosis of AC and/or heater to see why not preforming as expected 

free proposals for New air conditioning & heating units

filter services (filter by the box deliveries & changeouts)

annual Performance plan tune up

warranty repairs for all brands & types of systems

Miscellaneous repairs

new hurricane pad & strap installation 

replace heat strips 

Unit defrost (if unit is frozen & avail on your model)

water, condensation & drain lines

replace float / safety switch to help prevent water damage

secondary drain pan float / safety switch (required for attic units)

clean out, install, or replace condensation pump w/copper lines

replace primary drain pan. inc removing coil, replacing drier, pump down of refrigerant and secure a vacuum to ensure seal

replace secondary drain pan 

clear drain lines 

repipe & repair drain lines

algaecide -drain pan cleaner  

capacitors & hardstarts

replace dual capacitors

hardstarts,  start capacitors & potential relays

compressor kits inc hardstart, surge protector & compressor oil

CFM condenser fan motors (dual cap must also be replaced)

psc motor - furnace evaporator fan/blower non variable motor inc disconnection and reinstallation of wiring, boards, flue

ecm & x13 motors- evaporator fan / blower variable speed motor &  module including furnace

replace or remove & clean blower wheel

replace fan blade

motor mounts & brackets

refrigerant repairs

electronic leak search - 50% chance will find leak 

isolation test leak search - guaranteed to find leak

easy seal / leak sealant - we do not use this - voids mfr warranty

schrader valve core & cap replacement 

high or low pressure safety switch - screw in & cut out

r-22 refrigerant

r-410a refrigerant

re-insulation of copper lines to prevent sweating

replace copper lineset refrigerant lines

flush copper refrigerant lines with rx11 due to compressor burnout

liquid line drier (filter) replacement

vacuum & evac system

single speed compressor 1.5-5 ton

variable speed compressor 1.5-5 ton 

1.5-5 ton oem coil

coil clean in place

coil clean - removal necessary

replace txv metering device inc pumpdown, vacuum, recharge & drier

replace reversing valve inc vaccum, recharge & drier

triple evac 

electrical & wiring

replace fuses

reset & replace breakers

remove panel to test breakers & tighten connections for troubleshooting

replace oem heat strip breaker on unit

replace disconnect switches - fused or nonfused

temporary emergency bi-pass of breakers

replace 1, 2 & 3 poles contactors

replace transformers

replace condenser whip

repairs to cut / broken thermostat wiring 

replace thermostat wiring 

locate & repair electrical wiring shorts

relays, boards & controls

replace fan relay

replace heat sequencer / stack relay

replace defrost board

replace main control board inc fan relay

replace 2-3 zone control board

replace furnace control board 

replace blower time delay relay tdr board 

thermostats & humidistats

program thermostat

single stage programable & non programable thermostats

two stage programable & non programable thermostats

nest wifi learning smart thermostats

honeywell t4, t6, focus pro, touchscreen, wifi smart thermostats

honeywell wifi focuspro 8000 2 stage w/humidistat control 

amazon alexa & google home compatible thermostats

installation of clear plastic boxes over thermostats

replace batteries

hardwire thermostat if wire avail - so batteries are not needed

corrosion guards - keep your lines, coils & fins from corroding

rgf guardian indoor air purification qrp9 / qrp 5 / blower mount

rgf reme halo indoor air purification

rgf reme halo led - cutting edge technology indoor air purifier 

rgf replacement bulbs 

uv light replacement bulbs

trane clean effects filtration system (can be used with rgf) 

ac surge protector - ecm or zebra x13

filter back return grill 

2" Filter rack w/install

boxes of filters - delivered!

rain shields for package units

smart home solutions

wifi & smart thermostats - nest - honeywell - alexa & google home compatible

alert labs hvac remote home monitoring solutions

smart water alerts to prevent damage remote home monitoring 


duct inspections

repair leaking ductwork runs & seals

replacement flex duct runs / drops

replace & seal boots, registers, grills & collars

powered dampers inc zone bypass dampers

install new 4 piece supply for air handler

install add ons

install stand instead of plywood deck

new plywood deck

roof curb for commercial customers

crane services

osceola county permit

city of orlando permit

orange county permit

polk county permit

winter garden permit

seminole county permit

lake county permit 

city of kissimmee permit

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